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The coolest Instagram stats apps (and the metrics you need to analyze)

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The coolest Instagram stats apps (and the metrics you need to analyze)

Now that you know which are the Instagram metrics that you should analyze, let’s go on to see what tools are on the market and how they can help you to improve your management in Social Media . Metricool Metricool is a Spanish social media analysis, management and planning tool that you can use for free. With Metricool you can Nepal Phone Number List know how your community is evolving in all your social networks. Specifically on Instagram you can see the growth of your community, how each post you publish works, a balance of followers and demographic and geographic information of your community. In addition, you also have information about visits and clicks on your Instagram account, interactions, a ranking of posts and the metrics of your stories. Metricool has other Instagram features that can be used for your strategy : follower analysis, hashtag tracker, planning and best hours on Instagram. A complete tool for your social media strategy! IG statistics metricool

Iconsquare The quintessential Instagram and Facebook analysis app. What’s cool in iconosquare! The data that you can analyze with Iconoquare is very cool and will help you to know exactly what type of publications work better or worse ( both those of the feed and those of stories ), what your Nepal Phone Number List audience is like ( much more segmented than the information that Instagram gives you Insights ), who are your competitors and analyze them, you can search and analyze hashtags, etc. etc. etc. All of them downloadable (PNG, PDF, SVG, CSV and XLS). Or they can send them to you by email.

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You decide. instagram analytics square icons In Iconsquare you can also reply to direct messages or comments on the publications, without having to go to your mobile and open the Insta app. We continue: you can spy on your competition , you can use images that they have in their library, you can search for influencers and compare them with each other, you can know the best day and time to publish … Plus, you can also schedule feed posts ( just like Hootsuite, which I forgot to mention ). And you can do an audit (FREE , even if you are not paying for any of their plans) of your Instagram account to see where you should improve. Iconsquare plans start at € 39 per month (desk) but, really, this app is worth having.

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