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Kick-Start A Store For Both B2C and B2B Trade With Magento

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Kick-Start A Store For Both B2C and B2B Trade With Magento

With eCommerce slowing reigning in the B2B world, it’s time you know how too can create a smart and well manageable store that facilitate for B2B and B2C transactions of goods. If you are one of the businesses that seek to increase their product sales and supply in bulk quantities to serve both individuals and wholesale retailers, then getting a flagship unified store is a great decision. However, most businesses have conventionally chosen to separate their B2B and B2C channels with two sites because their market, demand patterns are different. Perhaps, they did not know that Magento, being the most robust and advanced platform for eCommerce sites, it offers businesses the option to create a site that will help meet their both ends. Here’s how. b2b database providers in australia

Great Product Catalogue Management

Magento comes with a unified product catalogue management with which businesses can manage their products, irrespective of the number of categories they group into. So, if a seller wants to add or remove products from one category, they can directly do so managing different catalogues for the two groups.

Single site for both help maintain uniform brand identity

Maintaining a single site is essential. After all, that is the only thing for customers to remember about your business, and one brand to represent. So, why split up your brand identity with two separate sites for your B2B and B2C trade. Using Magento’s unified store to maintain your unique brand repute. Besides, it also makes marketing or campaigning easier.

Tasks get simpler

Technically, it seems a lot hard for retailers to handle both B2C and B2B transactions of goods in one site whose operations are poles apart. However, Magento makes that steadfast, streamlined and much easy. It helps in integrating all the essential mechanisms like CRM and ERP too into the site’s backend so that every retailer can manage both way operations single-handedly from a unified database.

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No added technical complexities

You may think that managing two kinds of stores into one make its complex in the technical front. But thankfully, with Magento’s store buildup, you will have only one theme and a single codebase that help you manage the store effortlessly. While there may be a need for some major tweaking of the features for further personalisation, but everything can be done just with few clicks. This is just better than creating and managing two stores efficiency-wise.


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