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Ireland Shoots To Become Shared Services Center Of Europe

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Ireland Shoots To Become Shared Services Center Of Europe

Ireland isn’t going to be the next Calcutta or Mumbai. It isn’t trying to be the back office customer care contact center Mecca of the Western world. Which is probably just as well.

What it does want to do is build its position as a leading European provider of the next business stage up from contact centers – contact center plus, if you like – offering serious technical support and a whole range of services way beyond giving simple solutions to  ireland company database  straightforward customer inquiries. Some are operated by outsourced suppliers but most in Ireland are managed by the companies they serve.

Here, staff are dealing with the entire internal communications system for vast, multi-national operations. They are handling not only traditional Helpdesk calls, but providing technical support to their own staff and business-to-business, dealing with HR issues like recruitment and sick leave, payroll systems, company accounts as well as in-company communications about policy and strategy, staff and customer information and the intranet function.

In its now sophisticated telecoms sector, Ireland boasts 66 contact centres for a range of companies that include 3Com, American Airlines, AOL, Dell, eBay, GE Insurance, Google, Hewlett Packard, IBM, MBNA, Oracle, Starwood Hotels, Symantec and Xerox – and that’s just an arbitrary sample.

These centres – Europeans call them Shared Services Centres, but most Americans will be more familiar with the term Managed Services – are where Ireland sees its growth potential, though the Irish have no intention of turning their backs on ordinary contact center investments serving banking and catalog customers for example.

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Technology is changing the product. Just answering the phone isn’t enough these days. To be successful, the centers need to serve the world in a host of functions.

A Customer Backlash May Boost Ireland’s Efforts

A recent survey of   UK adults by contact center industry analysts ContactBabel found that 142 had switched supplier because their existing one used an offshore service, while three in four said they felt more negatively towards their supplier if they used offshore agents.

Steve Morrell, principal analyst at ContactBabel said in the report: “If UK businesses do not address the concerns of their customers, the level of customer defection will increase and their profits will decline further. ”

Therein lies a problem – and for Ireland, an opportunity. In India, university graduates, attracted by the prestige of contact center jobs, earn perhaps ten times the average wage but still cost their employers only a tenth of a European or US-based operation.


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