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I’m going to show you the different formats that TikTok offers to advertise.

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I’m going to show you the different formats that TikTok offers to advertise.

This is a barrier for advertisers, but I am sure that as the app grows ( even more ) and owners see the great power of advertisers, the CPC price and minimum investment will go down . Little word of the child Jesus. In addition to what it costs to advertise on TikTok, your brand must also assess whether it free netherlands phone number has the necessary resources to create the content it wants to promote. Money and creativity . You got it? What formats does TikTok advertising offer? Although your brand still can’t afford to advertise on TikTok, it doesn’t hurt to know how it works and what kind of ads we can create in this app. That you never know when we will need this knowledge ( as I have told you, it is sure sooner rather than later ).

Let’s see which one interests you the most. ad formats tiktok advertising * Biddable Ads / Native Ads They are the ads of a lifetime ( of a lifetime in social networks to be more precise ), those that appear in the feed of users. These videos take you to a URL or an app. They are called “biddable” because they can be Netherlands Phone Number List configured by dynamic bids and according to advertising spaces: CPC (cost per click) CPM (cost per thousand impressions) CPV (cost per view) At the moment these ads can be segmented by geographic location, age and gender , but the guys at TikTok have promised that targeting by interests ( very simple at the moment ) and behavior will also be available . Yepa! Oh, and you can create custom audiences ( a must ) and whitelist or blacklist the audiences.

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This type of ad is the most affordable of all, as there is no minimum advertising investment, although the company “encourages” advertisers to make an investment large enough to see results. What are they going to say! * Brand Takeover Here, either you have good pastuki, or forget about using this format. The brand takeover is an ad that appears instantly on the screen when a user opens the app, full screen . With this ad ( which can be static or animated ), users can access a destination internal to the app or external ( the brand’s website, for example ). There can only be one brand per day and per country. That’s why it is so expensive ( according to Adweek , it could be between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 ) . This was the first format that appeared in the app in January 2020. example ad brand takeover advertising tiktok Advertising formats: 1. Brand Takeover. 2 and 3.

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