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How to Find a Good Paid Survey Company Directory

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How to Find a Good Paid Survey Company Directory

If you are serious about earning some extra money taking paid surveys, then you probably are looking for more companies to register with — all the time. Not only are paid surveys good for some easy extra cash, but the survey companies you are registered with also usually provide opportunities for product testing, sweepstakes entries and focus groups. So, how do you find a good paid survey directory or database that can point you in the right direction? Here is how:

1. Make sure they are pro-active. Are their links working? Do they frequently update their website and links? Do they incorporated a newsletter, blog or forum? These are all ways to see if the website is an active one, or if it’s just an advertising magnet that’s been abandoned and isn’t serving your best interests.

2. Is is FREE? Is the directory free, or do they want you to pay for it? There really isn’t any reason to pay for a list of paid survey companies. There is plenty oxmoor auto group email of information available through free directories and forums that can get you all the information about paid survey that you need.

3. Does it cover your area? There is nothing worse than finding what you think is a great site, only to attempt registering and finding out that the particular survey company does not service your country or area.

4. Does it encompass all areas of market testing and paid surveys? This means, does it help you in ways other than just the standard survey companies? A good survey company directory or database site will also point you in the direction of legitimate opportunities for related services. This does not mean spam or selling you on the get rich quick schemes — it simply means incorporating the related marketing areas. For instance: product testing, companies that do primarily focus groups, mystery shopping and more. Sites like this are worth bookmarking for frequent updates, new ideas, and inspiration.

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5. Does it have contact information, a privacy policy, and generally appear to have ethical standards? You don’t want to end up getting circulated into multiple spam mail lists just because you are interested in some special e-courses, information, or just want some regular updates on the topic. Make sure the website you’re on has some contact info and a privacy policy (usually in the footer). Also, if a site is making outlandish claims about BIG easy income… move on.

Finding a good survey directory can be gold. They will not only provide a list of popular and active survey companies, but will offer support and keep you updated on the higher-paying (and harder to find) Paid Studies and Focus groups. Plus, having a forum to vent or share your experiences only helps shape the way surveys are conducted in the future. Feedback from even the smallest of forums are read by the survey companies. After all, a happy survey taker is one they can count on in the future.


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