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Five Ways To Repurpose Your B2B White Paper Content

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Five Ways To Repurpose Your B2B White Paper Content

You’ve invested time and energy into writing a strong, compelling white paper, and it turns out to be a hit. Your target market is loving it, and your company has gained a tremendous amount of new leads and client interest.Congratulations! That’s exactly what a successful white paper should do for a B2B brand: create buzz, pique interest, generate new leads, and educate your  b2b email list download market on a topic that serves their needs.You might be thinking of ways to keep the momentum going. Before the buzz wears off, use these five ways to repurpose its content for continual use…

1. Company newsletter. One of the best ways to distribute content is through your e-newsletter. For subscribers that are already on your mailing list, they should be given first dibs on anything new that your company has to offer. Try making your white paper available for download for them first… maybe a week ahead of time before the general public. After it’s been released, keep them updated with premium blog posts inside your e-newsletter that may further expound upon certain subjects from the white paper.

2. Blog. You can also make a new posts on your main blog that gives a brief synopsis of your white paper and explains why it would be beneficial for your readers to download. Be sure to share your blog post across all social media platforms, and submit it to sites like EzineArticles for more exposure and site traffic. You can also ask other B2B marketing blog owners if you can submit a guest blog post, which can immensely increase your credibility and expert status right away.

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3. Trade magazine article. Whatever category that your company falls under in the B2B market – technology, health, food, fashion, etc. – there are several trade publications that you can submit a feature article to. Research the magazines in your industry that suits your article best, then pitch the editor for a possible print. Visibility in a trade magazine is another effective strategy to add credibility.

4. Video or slideshow. With visual content now being one of the top ways to distribute B2B content, take advantage of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Slideshare. Transfer some key points into a slideshow presentation or a quick commercial that can be included in any speaking engagements you may have regarding your topic. Your video or slideshow can also be easily shared, viewed, and downloaded across your social media platforms.

5. Social media. Use Twitter to share one-liners from your white paper, and also feel free to post them on LinkedIn and Facebook. Any notable statements that may include statistics and researched facts are great to share. Also, don’t forget to plug a link back to your white paper, where your facts and figures are located with their sources.


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