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Elements of Linux Based Shared Website Hosting

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Elements of Linux Based Shared Website Hosting

If you are looking to acquire the resources of a shared web hosting service, then Linux would be perfect for all your needs. It is an open source software that can be tweaked by one and all to suit their needs, and it’s free! This makes it the preferred choice of innumerable organizations that want a dependable network of web servers, database servers and mail servers. All commonly used software can be uploaded on a Linux based web hosting server, which help in streamlining the business websites of all companies.

A website hosting India server that runs on Linux is completely secure and provided with partitioned free email database list india  space that separates it from other sites being hosted on the same server. Some standard features offered by a reputed organization to a client for their shared server are listed below:

• Reliable and affordable web hosting and domain registration service
• Exceptional 24 x 7 support (Continuous network monitoring, along with support via phone calls, chats and emails)
• Scalable and secure world class website hosting facilities, copious bandwidth and 99.9% consistent performance

These facilities are highly appreciated by all clients, since they are provided with the best options for their web hosting services at affordable prices by leading organizations.

A server that operates on Linux is unique in itself, since it possesses the following features at the lowest prices, which is a delight for all companies:

• Bandwidth – 50 GB per month
• Unlimited sub-domains
• Control panel – cPanel
• No Setup Cost
• Unlimited My SQL databases
• Included PHP My Admin
• Unlimited POP3 email accounts
• Included spam / antivirus
• Gigabit link data transfer
• Cisco firewall
• Intrusion detection
• Intrusion prevention
• Out of band access
• Redundant tier 1 OC-192

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The Linux driven feature rich servers that are offered by leading web hosting India organizations are welcomed by all firms looking for shared hosting services.

The Linux bas ed servers run very fast and are able to load the website on the users’ browsers quicker than other organizations. All major and popular applications can be used in such servers; in fact, MYSQL database, PHP, CGI are prominently used in Linux, making it a useful tool for innumerable organizations. Also, website hosting services based on Linux use LAMP or Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python. This bundle of web server, OS, programming language and database has become a handy tool for companies looking to continuously develop applications and other things for their websites. Therefore, it can not be denied that web hosting India service based on Linux is extremely advantageous and beneficial for all firms looking for a hosting option that provides them flexibility coupled with security.


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