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Create a Scrapbooking Club With a Free Online Ad

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Create a Scrapbooking Club With a Free Online Ad

Scrapbookers are social people who love nothing better than to get together and chat about the latest crafty gadget or gizmo or the latest scrapbooking techniques that’s being talked about in the magazines. There are hundreds of scrapbooking mailing lists you can join to interact with other scrapbookers online, but unless you have money to attend crafting workshops, there isn’t much opportunity to meet up with other scrapbooking enthusiasts in person. Unless, with the aid of an online free ad, you start your own!

Could you hold a scrapbooking club in your home? If so, how many people could you have crafting there at one time? The physical restrictions are the first thing you need to assess. You could see if there’s a local church hall you could hire for a couple of hours every month free list of church email addresses if you get more interest from your online free ad than you anticipate; you’d need to know what this cost, and does the rental cost include cleaning up and use of a kitchen for refreshments or does this cost extra.

You would then need to look at equipment. Scrapbookers need a table top or bench space to work on. If you were to hold the group at your home do you have enough working space? If you’re booking a hall, do they have tables you can use? Although you can request that anyone attending bring their own crafting equipment such as scissors, you should try to have a small equipment center set up that people can use if they’ve forgotten their own.

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Approach your local scrapbook supplier to see if they will offer you any freebies in return for promoting their business at your group session. You may get a small stash of end of line supplies that you can put out for anyone to use. If your free online ad attracts enough attention you might even be able to get someone from the store to come along and demonstrate a particular technique to your attendees.

Think about what format the group event could take. There should be time for people to socialize as they work, time for refreshments, perhaps get people to contribute something as a prize and have some kind of competition each week. Whatever you think would work well for the group you want to create, make a list and then design a poster that you can send to people who respond to the free online ad.

Set up a free email address for the group. This will be what you’ll use as the contact information in the free online ad so that you don’t need to give your home phone number or address. This means that you should think about what you’re going to call the group so that this forms the email address.

Write your free online ad in such a way as to promote the proposed club as a weekly (or bi-weekly/monthly) opportunity to get together with a group of likeminded scrapbookers. Make sure that you have the contact email clearly stated on the ad as that will be the main point of contact you have, but remember to list your town/city on the ad so that people know where the group will be meeting.

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